Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself. ~ Hermann Hesse

Thoughts on Humanity 2017

Hate is a living entity
that slithers into the hearts of men
and kills.
When we find it
harboring in the hearts
of those we love
it is life-changing,
Like the earth,
I am shattered
into a million little pieces,
undone by awareness
that even good people
can do very bad things,
that some people can see
a hungry, homeless child
and deny it succor,
that some people see
a person’s color,
or who they choose to love,
as a reason to hate,
that somehow


evil resides
in the hearts of all men,
only needing the right trigger
to impel it from a gun.

I am hoping
there are enough of us left
who care enough
to pick up the pieces
of our dismembered selves,
to put them back together
in a stronger,
more resilient,
more awakened form.
I would gladly shatter
a million times over
if it means we can effect change,
if it means that


we can march forth
into the darkness,
retrieve our fallen souls,
and force hate
into the light
to be transformed.

©2017 Cia Williford

Photo by Dawid Sobolewski on Unsplash

A Different Kind of Mother’s Day

For some, Mother’s Day is not always the hearts and flowers celebration that advertisers love to sell. For some, it’s a reminder of great loss….

…for the mothers who have physically lost a child.

…for the grown children who never had the kind of mother portrayed in those happy ads.

…for the grandmothers who sit in assisted living or nursing homes wondering why their families don’t visit.

On this day of celebrating, I want to take the time to acknowledge those who are sad, those who are hurting, those who feel unseen.

I see you. I truly do.

And I send you love, and virtual flowers, and a hug.

Know that someone is thinking of you on this day.

You are special to me.

You are not alone.

And you are loved.

Time to Step Up

11023193Spiritual activism is a phrase that was put in my mind and heart even before the US election took place. (It was back in September, actually, at a women’s retreat.) I’m not sure yet how this will manifest in my life, but the desire is there.

Words are no longer enough in these turbulent times (hint: they never really were). We must step out from behind our platitudes and false cries of unity and make a stand for someone, anyone, who doesn’t look like us, or believe like us, or love like us, or sound like us. We must reach out and help those who are being marginalized or harassed or abused because of the color of their skin, or the God that they worship, or their ethnic background, or any other divisive, hollow excuse.

Look around you. I guarantee there are people in your inner circle of friends and family who are frightened about how they fit into this strange, new world they find themselves in.

Do you even know who they are? Do you care? Have you looked them in the eyes and said, “I’m here for you. I’ll stand by you no matter what.”

If we are truly all about love, we must show it. If we are truly against hatred in any form, we must live it.

Then and only then can we honestly say, “I am a beacon of light.”

Tools & Spiritual Practice

all ingredients-croppedThere is no tool that is essential or required for spiritual practice . . . except yourself. Don’t let any guru/teacher/mentor tell you otherwise, including me!

Tools are great: they help us get in the right mindset; they help us focus; they’re fun to collect. But they are only accessories, not requirements. Don’t buy into all the expensive oils, crystals, supplements, and other  “toys” unless 1) you can afford them, and 2) you feel called to use them.

Remember: you, Spirit, and an open heart are all that’s required for any true spiritual growth.  heart icon

My Sparkly Confession

sparkleI have a confession to make: I love glitter.

And sparkle.

And glitz.

Now, if you had known me when I was younger, you would be totally flabbergasted by that statement. Glitter? Cia? Hardly.

Along the way, though, I changed my mind. (A woman’s prerogative, right?)  And now I think that glitter is one of God’s gifts to mankind. Why? Because glitter is happy. Glitter is joyful.  Glitter is happy, joyful, sparkly lights,  people.  What more could you want?

Also there is this: glitter makes people smile.

And in my book, that’s a wondrous thing. A truly wondrous thing.

Glitter, anyone?

Here’s something glittery I made over the holidays and which may or may not be indicative of a new line of jewelry I’m debuting this month. 🙂 Shh, it’s a secret.