My Art

I didn’t discover art until later in life, and the first real painting I did was of an angel. I haven’t stopped yet. They come to me unbidden and ask to be painted. I love their light, and it is my hope that they make people smile. I usually work in acrylics (in a mixed media fashion) but am also learning to love watercolors. I love their lightness of feeling.

In addition, Reiki, spiritually-guided healing energy, also informs my art work, guiding me to create art that is infused with energy and blessings. Creating Sacred Art is a series of fun-filled classes I teach that celebrates our connection to spirit. Using arts and crafts techniques, we build on ancient and modern traditions to create sacred art, tangible representations of our prayers and intentions. These pieces are perfect for you to use on your personal altar/sacred space in your home or to give as special, energy-filled gifts. We let our hearts and intuitions guide us as we create.

Below are some of my paintings. If you’re interested in the Sacred Arts & Crafts classes, you can look here to see what’s coming up on the schedule.